How to Write Creative Blog Titles? (2022)

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how to write creative blog titles

When running a blog, great content is essential to get read. But to have an audience and come up with a higher rank in search engine results, you also need the perfect title to go along with it. The first impression of your blog posts in your blog post title determines whether or not a viewer will click on it. To make people read your content and get social shares, you might need to step up your game and learn how to write creative blog titles.

Tips to Write Creative Blog Titles

Let’s say you write a blog, and you are writing great but still struggling to get views. What you need to do might just be as simple as writing catchy blog titles. Here are a few tips for them.

  • Do your keyword research thoroughly.
  • Include your keywords in the title but avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Keep your title under 70 characters.
  • See your competition and sector, notice the titles that worked, and got traffic and views.
  • Optimize for search engines by making sure your title is relevant and explanatory to your content.
  • Include research result numbers, facts, and step by step/how-tos in your title.
  • Give a shot to blog title generators to get inspired and creative.
creative blog titles

FAQs on Blog Titles

What are good blog title generators?

You can use online and free generators like SEOProsser Blog title Generator or HubSpot’s Blog Idea Generator.

Should I use the titles from blog title generators?

Originality is important in content marketing and SEO, but you can trust the generators or use them to get better ideas for yourself.

Conclusion of Writing Creative Blog Titles

This article explained how to write creative blog titles and gave you some tips to come up with the perfect title. It might appear like an unimportant detail, but you will see the results with better titles.

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