Simple Guide to E-mail Marketing (2022)

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simple guide to email marketing

E-mail marketing is about sending e-mails to potential leads and your present customers about new sales, promotions, and special discounts. E-mail marketing’s one of the oldest digital strategies. It is the modern version of the ages-old mail advertising, and it is still effective as ever if you have a good strategy for it.

How to Create a Strategy for E-mail Marketing?

E-mail marketing’s still an integral part of digital marketing strategies as almost all internet users check their e-mails regularly. When it comes to creating a good e-mail strategy, we listed some of the best practices to make it efficiently:

  • Analyze Target Audience: One of the foremost prerequisites for creating an e-mail strategy is to thoroughly analyze the target audience. It is good to know what e-mail service they use, what devices they generally use, and the most active hours.
  • Set Goals: Having reachable and specific goals will help you to plan your scheduling much better.
  • Create Different Templates: It is important to send out different templates to different users’ segments to increase conversion rates.
  • Use Visuals: Visual plays a huge part in grabbing the attention of the users. Try to use visuals that are high-quality and well-proportioned.
e mail marketing

Why Is E-mail Marketing Important?

Despite the rise of social media networks with incredible engagement rates and improved brand visibility all around, e-mail marketing has greater average order values. So e-mail is still relevant and important as it gets more conversions.

FAQs about E-mail Marketing

Is e-mail marketing still effective?

E mail marketing is still undoubtedly effective with a great return of investment and conversion rates when it is properly composed.

What is the best day to send e mails?

Although there is not the best time to send e mails, there are times not to send them. You should not schedule your e mail marketing campaign to send e-mails at nighttime and weekends. Some researches generally recommend sending an e mail on mid-week and mid-day.

E-mail Marketing in Short

E mail marketing can be one of the oldest content marketing campaigns, but it is still effective with good conversion rates. This article briefly covered what e mail marketing is and how to create a good e mail marketing strategy.

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