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What Is Keyword Stuffing? (Complete Guide)

If you’re dealing with SEO, you might have figured out that choosing and placing the keywords is the most basic yet important part. Wisely selecting your target keywords and then mentioning them becomes a system, but how much exactly should you use these keywords? Is there anything such as too much? Would it have bad effects on SEO? Well, the answer is yes. What you should ask is what is keyword stuffing. There is something called using too many keywords, and that is keyword stuffing. Let’s see how does it affect your work and what you should do about it.

Is Keyword Stuffing Bad for SEO?

The short answer is yes, and it’s a Black Hat SEO. But to explain a little further, we must understand how. After you pick your keywords and place them in blocks of text, something called the keyword density happens. It means how many times you used your keywords in your content. And when you overdo it, the search engines start to detect it, which lowers your webpage’s authority, making them appear late in the search results even though people are searching your keywords. 

To avoid stuffing and to get bad search rankings, we might have a few tips.

keyphrase stuffing

How to Check Keyword Stuffing?

After you created your content that uses keywords, you can choose to use some tools such as Yoast SEO or Keyword Density Checkers to check stuffing. 

But what to do to avoid it and how to fix it?

  • Focus on creating useful, information-rich content that is understandable and reasonable.
  • Consider using other search terms as secondary keywords.
  • Place your keywords appropriately and in context.
  • Keep in mind that stuffing also happens in the unviewable content such as meta tags.
  • Don’t add unrelated words.
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FAQs About Keyphrase Stuffing

What should be my keyword density?

Up to 3% percent is a good ratio. Which means you should use the keywords one or two times in every hundred words.

How do I check keyword stuffing in Yoast SEO?

When you are using the plugin, you can see your keyword density ratio in the SEO tab.

How do I use my keywords?

Don’t overuse, assign other secondary and longtail keywords, and make your content longer; it will decrease your keyword density.

Conclusion of Keyword Stuffing

In this article, we’ve explained what is keyword stuffing and tips to avoid it. Hopefully, we were able to get you higher rankings.

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